I am Northwest Artist  Natalie Brown    and I create metal art, mostly in copper.  But I use other metals too. 

Well, actually, I am a storyteller at heart…a storyteller who uses metal as a way to conceptualize and actualize the story I am sharing.  First you should know that I take great pride and delight in producing art with quality…be it in the grade of copper I use, my design and creation processes, my flame coloring process, or my finishing process.  But secondly you may find that my pieces have an edgy look about them.  They can be quirky.  They are fun and whimsical…but different.  With inspiration derived from animal physiology and a love of the fantastic, grotesque and absurd, each of my sculptures is unique and personable.  THAT’s because each piece has a story to tell.  Most of the pieces I create…most of the pieces I bring to life…represent elements, emotions and creatures in my own, personal, crazy world…a mystical, mythical world that has been with me since MY beginning in time. 

Also, as an artist, I am inquisitive…ever searching for truths.  I like to dive into the hearts and inspirations of the mind, mine and others’, looking for forgotten truths and hidden wisdoms.  Sometimes I find secrets that are meant to remain behind closed doors.  Far too often I find despair and pain or oppression.  But it is my belief that we each possess indestructible strengths.  And it is my hope that through my art I can share a message of optimism and courage…a message of inspiration and transformation…by speaking directly to the meaning of the Spirit of Life.  Together we comfort one another, we teach one another…and through perseverance, together we can succeed!

I have a home and family and financial responsibilities...and I have Lukas and Sasha (my guide-dog family)…so I cannot aspire to freely giving my art away.  But hopefully, through your purchases of my work, you will come to embrace the love and joy that is embodied in my stories and my artwork.  That is my gift to you!  ‘Thank you’ for your friendship and support!  I am on a grand adventure…an adventure that would not be possible without our partnership.

I invite you to review this website.  It’s new and evolving…so more content will be added over time.  You can also follow me online on  FACEBOOK  , and in the future, at my art blog.

And of course, contact me directly if you want to talk or want me to design a special piece of art or some other product for you.  I do that all the time and would love the opportunity to bring your concepts and ideas to life!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Artist and Owner/Steel Coyote – Unique and Whimsical Art in Copper
email: Natalie@SteelCoyote.com
Every person is a teacher…and a student…whether they know it or not.
The question becomes “are you aware of what you are doing and what lessons you are teaching?”






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