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17" x 4" x 5" | Up-cycled metal with Copper and Brass | $0.00

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Behind the fish is a tale of regeneration. As I contemplated the things in this world being discarded, or even people feeling used and abused, I drew a parallel with the metal cans often used in cooking. Metal. Metal is pure, never changing, but often shaped by surroundings, like the soul. Could those discarded cans be revived? Yes! In this work of art the cans are hammered and formed into a shape for a new life...a fish body!! The head and tail, however, are copper. Pure, with properties similar to gold...innocent, fresh, new. Painting with fire, I sought to pull out the elusive blue, red and golden tones hiding in the copper. Life can be difficult at times, but when you are open and willing to listen, illusions disappear and truth reveals itself….just like the colors in my sculptures. Steel and copper will not weld together. They are two extremes that need brass, as the third element, to harmonize and create the balance. The beautiful, the ugly, the young and the old. Integrated. Together they can swim! They are alive!! They represent life, full cycle. This is the inspiration behind my fish. This is the joy I wish to share with others in all of my work!!



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